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Background Check Details

EVERY sitter registered at has returned a clean background check. The background check is a National Criminal Search. Our site allows them to enter their information then Lexis Nexis, the nations leading background screening company, runs the check. Lexis Nexis will charge the sitters $10 for this service.

Personal Information Needed
The check takes 30 seconds to complete. It searches through every courthouse data base within all 50 states. The information Sitters must supply is first & last name, date of birth, address & social security number.

What It covers
The background check will report all Felonies & Misdemeanors committed. A felony is a serious crime such as burglary, murder, rape & molestation. A misdemeanor results in 1 year or less of jail.

The Results
There are 3 background check results. The first & best is Clear. Clear means the sitter have no record in any courthouse within the United States & may proceed to create an account with

The second outcome is Review. One or more results from the searches has returned information that needs to be further reviewed before a decision can be made. If you receive this result please
contact us for further assistance.

The third outcome is Record. This means the sitter has a felony or misdeamor record in a courthouse. If this result appears the sitter will NOT be allowed to become a member to the site.

Important Considerations
Important things to know about the background check. A sitter may have committed a crime & had never gotten caught. Also, When a sitter signs up, there is no way of telling if they are entering another persons name & information to create the account. Although it may be awkward, parents must check the sitters ID card to confirm their name matches the name on their sitter profile. Another thing to consider is that any time a sitter has spent outside of the United States, the National Criminal Search does not cover. The sitter may have committed crimes in a different country.

Because of this we do highly recommend that parents read sitter's resumes, check references & conduct interviews.

Running A More Extensive Background Check

Lexis Nexis has many different background checks that parents may pay a fee to have processed. For example, a parent may request an international background check on a sitter for approximately $ 30 or request a driving background check (driving record) for approximately $ 5. For every background check ran the parent must receive permission from the sitter prior to running it. Please contact Lexis Nexis for more information. Sitter's may also run a background check on parents.


Lexis Nexis
Background Screening Solutions
Option 4
Hours: M - F
8am - 7pm Est.

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Let the Parents know what their child did while they were gone

Let the parents know what you & their children did while they were away by filling out this form. Note: To print please copy & paste it into a blank document.

While you were away I...



Napped: _______ till _______

Played with these toys:______________________________________________







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CPR Certification Classes Available!

In the event of an emergency while babysitting, you will be really thankful you got CPR Certified, First Aid Certified or any additional emergency training!

The Red Cross on Oahu offers many classes throughout the month. To check out this months schedule you must navigate through the Red Cross website. In their menu bar click:  "Get Trained", "Course Registration", then "Course Schedule".


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Important Family Information Packet

These forms will help you get to know important facts about the Parents, Children & their home quickly. Pluss coming prepared to a job with this form will make a good first impression.

To print this form, copy & paste it into a new document.

 Important Family Information

Parent's Name:

Mother:________________ Home #:________________ Cell: _____________

Father:_________________Home #:_________________Cell:_____________

Work #:________________ *Best hours to be reached:__________________
 Address: ___________________________________
Name of Child: ______________________________
Bed Time: _________________
Napt Time: _________________
Favorite Foods: _____________________________________________________
Medications: _______________________________________________
Personal Habits:____________________________________________________
Favorite Activities: __________________________________________________
What is expected of me: _____________________________________________
Are any people allowed inside of the house (neighbors, employer's friends...)?
Should I answer the phones? No___ Yes ___  NA ___
How can you be contacted in any case of an emergency? ________________
Alternate persons to contact in any case of an emergency:
1. Name:_________________ Home#________________Cell #___________
2. Name:_________________ Home#________________ Cell#___________
Location of fire extinguisher and first aid kit: _______________________________
                                              ADDITIONAL CHILDREN
Name of child:_____________________ Age:_______
Bed time:___________________
Nap time: __________________
Favorite Foods: ___________________________________________________

Medications: _____________________________________________________

Personal Habits: __________________________________________________

Favorite Activities: ________________________________________________
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Hot Tips

Hot tips of the day:

* Be punctual. Arrive early or on time!

*Leave the house clean: Wash the dishes used during your stay & pick up their toys. It only takes a few minutes, but will leave a lasting impression.

*Be honest about accidents: Both the childs & yours. Parents are aware that kid's trip & fall, spill things, etc. Letting them know of all the incidences while they were gone will build trust between you.


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Recommended Pay Rates allows you to post  a pay range on your profile. Babysitting pay ranges between $8 - $15. There are a number of things to take into consideration when deciding on what an appropriate pay would be.

1.Different levels of experience & training will render a different pay rate. Are you CPR certified? Have 5+ years of experience? Currently working at a child care facility? 

2. The distance you must drive. For example, if you must spend 45 minutes in traffice one way every day, you would charge considerably more then if the child was next door.

3. The temper of the child. A parent should expect to pay more for you to watch their tempermental child, then an obedient one.

4. The location of the job. If you are babysitting in a low income area, it is only appropriate that you charge less than you would amongst the multi million dollar mansions & vice versa.

5. What is expected of you. Will you be do light house keeping, cooking their meals, driving them to do activities, bathing them, or giving them medication? All of these require a different level of intensity & therefore render different rates.

6. How many children are there? On average a sitter will charge a dollar more on top of their base pay for every additional child. For example, if you charge $10 per hour for 1 child, you might ask for $11 per hour for 2 children.

So, what rate should you charge? Best bet is to ask around. Ask people who have children or babysat in your area, what they think a good rate would be. You can also do a search for a babysitter on this site & read what other sitters wrote.

When parents post a job they will write a pay range in the job description. When you apply for the job you can always adjust your pay higher or lower.