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The Timing is Right

There has never been a better time to be in the business of helping families. The industry is recession and depression proof. Busy families will always need a place a turn to for help. Parents looking for second jobs will need a qualified babysitting, pet sitter and elder companion. People with experience taking care of others will register on the website to expose themselves to additional income opportunities. Additionally, the majority of military bases have a 6 month – 1 year waiting list at their childcare centers. Military units have mandatory meetings on a regular basis leaving sometimes up to 100 families in need of childcare.

Improve the lives of Families

Our innovative and interactive website with background screening, will allow families to post a job then sit back and relax while sitters apply to their position. Families that are new to the area will greatly appreciate how quick, safe and easy the website is to find qualified, reliable sitters.

Our fully outsourced, high-quality, mobile, group childcare service will give individuals, organizations, corporations and military units the ability to easily increase their meeting attendance by offering childcare, at the meetings location, without experiencing the responsibilities of having to organize it.

Our personable, flexible and affordable babysitting referral service in the hotels will allow visitors and residents on vacation the convenience to arrange for a pre-interviewed, CPR, First Aid certified, experienced sitter to take the children on excursions (zoo, park, beach, etc), stay in the hotel and keep the children safe and entertained or the sitter can accompany the family on their excursions. Our babysitting referral service will give parents and children more freedom to do their favorite activities making the vacation more enjoyable for the entire family.

On the other end of the spectrum, our services allow sitters the ability to relax while jobs are brought to them through the website, group childcare and hotel positions. These positions provide valuable income opportunities that otherwise would have been more difficult and time consuming to obtain.

Be Your Own Boss

Our franchises give you the satisfaction and reward of offering families a trusted resource, providing an additional stream of income to sitters, and solving the issue of lack of professional, 24 hour, 7 days a week, childcare services available within communities and on military bases. Clients will actually take the time to call or email just to thank you for offering these services!


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