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Our History

Kathryn Custer founded in June 2007. It took 9 long months for the website to be created. The online service was an instant hit with 600 sitters registering online in just the first year! 6 months after our grand opening we were contacted by the Marine Corps Base and requested to do group childcare for 120 children for 2 hours while the parents attended a mandatory meeting. The children, parents, and our client were very happy with our group childcare services, so we decided to offer it officially. We now conduct 15-35 group childcares a month at different locations across Oahu. June 2009 it was brought to our attention that visitors staying in hotels may appreciate an on call nanny service. Three weeks later we were servicing over 100 hotels in Waikiki with pre-interviewed nannies available on call. The concierge loved giving us business because our rates are affordable for their guests, we always are available to answer our phones and we never turn down a job opportunity. After several individuals requested to purchase a franchise from us, we decided it was time to offer expansion opportunities to those who were interested. January 15, 2010 (Hawaii) and I Love My Sitter (Continental US) was approved to offer and sell franchises in almost every state across the USA. Yeah, happy day!


Our Future

Kathryn, the creator of, is on a personal mission to empower military spouses while solving the childcare crisis on military bases across the US. By the year 2015 we plan to have an I Love My Sitter franchise on every military base on the mainland and a on every military base in Hawaii. This will allow families to travel across the Nation and still be able to log in and find qualified sitters or income opportunities close by.